The Regional Institute of Ageing (IRV)

What is the Regional Institute of Ageing?

The regional Institute of ageing has 4 objectives

  • Observe to better know the seniors and detect risks of frailty.
  • Generate enthusiasm regionally with partners by developing and evaluating common action.
  • Coordinate and create a healthcare pathway dedicated to frail seniors.
  • Federate and rally, within the same entity, different activities (dispensed by the services of the Carsat) under the national “Proximity Autonomy Plan”.

The regional Institute of ageing is a community animated by a pilot committee and regional experts active in the ageing field.

It sets up a concerted window service, catering to retired and early retired people at risk of frailty on a social level and on the health field :

  • Support during retirement
  • Attentive pathway with combined health/retirement, in regards to access to rights, to health care and to support in daily life
  • Preventive actions and adapted support for beneficiaries rendered frail through health issues or loss of autonomy

The Institute’s organisation

A community declined in 5 poles in service of the retired (or the early retired) at risk of frailty, made to impulse and promote a synergy between partners.
The grouping of different actor’s activities generates a better visibility of service offers thus improving intervention coordination.

Training certified by the the Regional Institute of Ageing (IRV)

University diploma “health care pathway manager”

The aim is to understand the environment and peculiarities of the various public (chronic fragile, sick seniors, people disabled or affected by mental pathologies) regarding health pathway or social prevention :

  • to acquire transverse and specific skills allowing the participants to ensure a continuous, individual and operational follow-up of the people in complex situation all along the care pathway.
  • to integrate a new concept of global and progressive support of the person in her ordinary life environment or in its care pathway.
  • to know the educational, methodological and practical ways necessary for the management of patients or weakened elderly.

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